***Anyone want a real review from me? :-D***

No...not really.

<Moderator: Is that your final answer?  -Derek>

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Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2007 08:54:08
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Subject: NPNY: In Stores Today: Planet Earth

Yeaa! What a non-event...

No vidoes, no fan fare, its not even a very good album as a whole...

Get Planet Earth, Somewhere Here On Earth, Future Baby Mama and maybe
Chelsea Rodgers from Itunes or Rhapsody or something and call it day. You
will save your self money and pretend that the album is an EP.

I heard they are selling it for $9.99 at bestbuy or something, but I don't
care enough about this CD to bother to find out where.

Anyone want a real review from me? :-D

NeW NeW PoWeR NeW YoRk

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