This is the first time in a long time that I have checked this email  
folder. I am sorry that my post will probably not be a favored one...
I really think that Prince's wishes should be respected and that the  
sites referenced in the previous email should remove the images of  
him as is being requested. The reasoning behind the idea of Prince  
being a celebrity in the public domain, is weak. That reasoning is  
used by the sharks in the media and disgusting paparazi.

Michael B

<Moderator: Which would be find, but the request are excessive. Its one
thing to request a copyrighted photo to be removed. it's another to request
a picture of a Tattoo on your arm removed.   -Derek>

On Nov 5, 2007, at 8:15 PM, Derek wrote:

> I don't anything is going to come of this. You would require actual  
> media
> attention and a boycott of Prince next product to make him effectively
> listen. Prince don't give a crap about his fans, but he loves your  
> money.
> Hit him where it will hurt. His pockets...
> Unfortunately his fans junkies and they will be at the next  
> concerts with
> wallets open....
> Make the site really Prince FU :-D
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>> What do u all think?
>> j7
> I think the perverbial **** is about to hit the fan!

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