There is usually a lot of hypocrisy attached to religion.

<Moderator: As much as we don't want to be it most religions are based in
fiction and half truths. Why can't faith be enough these days  -Derek>

On Dec 18, 2007, at 3:57 PM, Amalia wrote:

What anyone else says or believes has absolutely no impact on what I believe. In this country we have freedom of religion. If someone, including Prince wants to make a post (on his own site) explaining his beliefs, I doubt it will make anyone run out and convert. Happy Holidays everyone!

<Moderator: I agree 100%. I just feel its Hypocritical on his part. What is
the saying about castin' stones?  -Derek>

On Dec 18, 2007, at 10:15 AM, Derek wrote:

What is wrong with it you half-wit is that people should be left to
there belief sometimes. Prince really needs to stop pushing his twisted
version of Theology on his fans.

If Prince really wants to talk he should talk about Adultery. I topic I am sure he well versed in. Oh We can talk about Love4OneAnother and then
sue his fans that support him :-P

~* Purple Funk Lover *~ wrote:

I'm not Anti-Christmas but what's wrong with that, sis?

/Peace & Live4Love ...


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Every year at this time, Prince and the JW cult always try to exercise their control over others by posting something anti-Christmas. This year
is no exception:

http://www.3121. com/blog/ ?p=131 <>

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