I definitely think his sales will drop off a cliff next week. Also
keep in mind that Target may have purchased Prince's CD's to
artificially boost his sales. There's strong evidence to suggest that
Walmart has done this with exclusive deals in the past (such as AC
DC), and no reason to believe that Prince did not work it into the
contract, as well - where Target agrees to buy, say, 10,000 CDs of
Lotusflow3r to help boost sales. That could have been part of the deal
in getting the Prince exclusive.


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Wishful thinking. No videos, no singles, not sure where the commercial

Lotusflow3r has reached its target market the hardcore fans. The sales will
trickle in after that.

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Prince debuted on billboard at number 2.

He sold 168K to Keith Urbans 171K.

Hits had him at 185' which woulda been enough for #1.

Leno repeats this week may not help keep the cd adrift 4 long.


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