National Post School Outcome Data Community of Practice

Can you send me the template so i can go through it one more time before
it is distributed?

> Hi Everyone
> We invite you to join the NPSO Community of Practice call on Tuesday,
> December 11, 2007 to see a demonstration of our product: Indicator 14 Data
> Display Templates.
> This product will generate graphs of your post-school outcomes data
> suitable for inclusion in your February 1, 2008 SPP submission.
> The time and call-in instructions for the teleconference are included in
> the attachment.
> We recommend you test your browser prior to the call to ensure you can
> access the site. Test your browser by following this link:
> Hope you hear you on the call!
> Happy Holidays
> Charlotte Alverson
> NPSO KD Assistant
> University of Oregon
> 541-346-1390

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