The National Post-School Outcomes Center is excited to announce that Dawn
Rowe  has become our new NPSO project coordinator and knowledge
development/technical assistance specialist. Her expertise and passion for
secondary special education and transition were apparent throughout the
search process and she brings a long history of working with a diverse array
of individuals with disabilities and their families in schools and the
community. She is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of North
Carolina Charlotte in which she has provided product development and
technical assistance to SEAs and LEAs through the National Secondary
Transition Technical Assistance Center. We welcome her to our team.

Her new contact information is:

phone: 541-346-8412

The NPSO now has our full team to work with you and your needs surrounding
Indicator 14.


Deanne Unruh, Ph.D.
NPSO & SSET, Director
University of Oregon

*National Post-School Outcomes Center*
*Secondary Special Education & Transition Research Unit*


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