Sorry for not clearly explaining next weeks call in the previous email.   I
just wanted to let everyone know that SLDS stand for Statewide Longitudinal
Data Systems.  SLDS is a data system that links data across agencies or data
within agencies such as linking special and general Education data or k-12
data with post-secondary data. Many states have  have been given federal
grants to establish SLDS systems.  The goal of this grant program is  to
link Early Childhood, K-12, Post-secondary and labor data.  Information
about the IES SLDS program can be found at
.  Specific information about your state including a copy of it¹s SLDS grant
application (if is currently has a grant) can be found at I would encourage you to look
and see if your state has a SLDS grant prior to our call next week.  Please
feel free to email me if you have any other questions.

Ryan Kellems, Ph.D.
Research Associate
National Post-School Outcomes Center
Secondary Special Education & Transition
University of Oregon
(541) 346-3218

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