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I am working with a team at Cornell to develop staff development materials about Indicator #14 for New York State's network of Transition Specialists to help prepare them to support districts staff/teams to review and consider their Ind. #14 data. As part of this staff development, we want to provide a comprehensive technical document that in 5 or 10 pages will provide New York's TA staff with all the background and facts about Indicator #14.

I was actually surprised to realize that I didn't have this available. As an Indicator #14 specialist i seem have volumes on the details of data collection and federal reporting, but not a SPP#!4 background document. Although we can draft such a document, I suspect that someone out there had done so already. (Unfortunately i didn't find it in my web search.)

So do you have, or know of such a document that we might use or adapt?

If so, please share...

(For more info on NYS's Transition Specialists see )

Thanks for your help.

Robert Shepherd
Potsdam Institute for Applied Research (PIAR)
at SUNY Potsdam
4th floor Van Housen Ext.
44 Pierrepont Ave
Potsdam, NY 13676
315-267-2076 desk
315-244-2662 cell
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