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Thanks Dawn, I appreciate the information.


Dawn Rowe wrote:
The NPSO would like to share some interesting resources that have crossed our desk this week. First, is a report of employment outcomes for all youth ages 18-24 published by the PEW Research Center. The report provides interesting information for how young adults are fairing in today's job market. To read please follow the link:

Also, The Office of Postsecondary Education shared the link below to inform stakeholders, constituents, and others about the notice (RFI) on college completion to increase postsecondary success. To learn more follow this link: Please feel free to forward as you deem appropriate. Have a wonderful weekend. --

Dawn A. Rowe, Ph.D.
Project Coordinator
National Post-School Outcomes Center
University of Oregon


Eudora Watson Potsdam Institute for Applied Research (PIAR) (315)267-2718 or 888-419-2697


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