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Apology for the duplicate email. Information in previous email was inaccurate 
and the registration is now 
!!! Save the Date for the NPSO Regional Meeting, March 11-12, 2014 to be held 
in Denver, Colorado. The meeting will be held at the Denver Downtown Embassy 
Suites, 1420 Stout Street, Denver, Colorado. This will be a working meeting to 
engage state and local personnel in usage of State Toolkit for Examining 
Post-School Success (STEPSS) and the continuous improvement /data-based 
decision making models using Indicator 1, 2, 13 & 14. The meeting will be a 
combination of content sessions and team time with the STEPSS tool. Please 
follow this link to register: . As a 
result of this training participants will:

·      Engage in each phase of the data-based decision making model in STEPSS;
·      Participate in content sessions and work sessions using secondary 
transition indicator data; and
·      Develop an action plan for statewide dissemination.

Content sessions will include topics such as: (a) strategies for rating a 
district's usage of evidence-based practices and predictors, how to conduct a 
data based deicsion-making model in districts,  strategies for developing 
action plans for implementing evidenced based practices for your district's 
needs, and training for facilitation of the STEPSS tool in your district and 

***First come, first serve! If you are interested in coming and funding is an 
issue, there is assistance!!! NPSO can pay travel and accommodations for up to 
seven 2-person teams (1 SEA, 1 LEA) to attend the two day training. To qualify 
for funding a team must commit to the following:

  *   Develop a team to bring (i.e., 1 state person, 1 district person)
  *   Must upload data to STEPSS prior to meeting
  *   During meeting – must develop an action plan for statewide dissemination

First seven states meeting the above criteria will be considered for 
NPSO-funded travel and expenses. Verification of data upload into STEPSS and 
action plan for statewide dissemination is required to receive travel 
assistance. Please email Dawn A. Rowe,<>,  if interested in receiving 
travel support.

Please register by following this link:

Dawn A. Rowe, Ph.D.
Project Coordinator
National Post-School Outcomes Center
University of Oregon


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