If nam doesn't run that means "perhaps" the format is not supported as nam
is not perfect! I have no check at this time though. check out "trace" file
for what you want to observe (I think it's graphs which should interest you
more than running pkts).

On 12/20/05, amol pise <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> hi friends,
>     I searched for various video traces(from mentioned links in ns2
> user-mail) and used them in "Video_trace.tcl" script (by Michael Savoric)
> but it gives me segmentation fault as well bad  file size fault.
>   So with refrence to ns-user mail list I got solution that use separate
> programm for convertion of trace file and then use converted trace file in
> programm.
>    It works but only shows NAM window and when I go for play, it doesnt
> run....
>     Whats problem I couldnt understand.
>   Also I used these converted Video traces in  tcl/ex/tg.tcl script , I
> got same
>   problem....What is this.?
>    Whether trace file gets corruped ? plz give me solution....    Also if
> anybody having script that converts MPEG video traces into binary form, its
> great help for me ....
>   So that I can use it directly into my ns2.
>   Thanks in advance...........
>   regards,
>   amol.............
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