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Happy New Year, I Hope you all had great holidays.

I wanted to enquire what is the difference between DumbAgent protocol and
DSDV (I know about DSDV as mentioned in NS2 manual.

DumbAgent is applied in the example MyTest.TCL, an online example for smac

Another thing I needed to know if MyTest.tcl applies the motes version of
parameters for routing etc, and Tiny OS parameters for bandwith and other

Also in the example it has two lines as follow

#set opt(mac)            Mac/802_11                   ;# MAC type
set opt(mac)            Mac/SMAC                      ;# MAC type

this means that smac is applied in calculations.
However if I rem out Mac/SMAC and leave Mac/802_11 only. Would this apply
802.11 protocol for the motes using DumbAgent.

I would be very much grateful for answer to any or all questions mentioned

Best regards

Qasim Iqbal
Aston University

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