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>From the warning messages displayed, you have
installed ns-allinone 2.28, not ns-2.28 (the latter is when
you install it from the pieces). When you install it from the
pieces, it does not display such a warning.

The LD_LIBRARY_PATH is actually an extra
set of directories, where the run-time shared library loader
will look for any needed shared libraries when loading an executable.
You can define multiple directories as the value for that variable separated

with a colon (:)

Specifically, the value of this environment variable (i.e the list of
directories specified)
is added to the beginning of** the existing list of compiled-in loader paths
for a given executable, and any system default loader paths.

You add this environment variable in the startup file of your login shell (
i.e. .bashrc for bash
or .login for tcsh) specifying it as it is shown in the messages.
An example of a specification for the LD_LIBRARY_PATH in one of my
ns-allinone installations is shown below. I have put this variable (among
others) in the .bashrc
file in my home dir:

 export NS_HOME=/home/MIS_USER/ns-allinone-2.26

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$NS_HOME/tcl8.3.2/unix:$NS_HOME/tk8.3.2/unix:\

Notice that I have put the home dir of ns-allinone in another env var, which
I use
in the specification of the LD_LIBRARY_PATH var.

I Hope to have helped.

For further information regarding this variable or its security implications
when using it,
you can check this link:



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> From: David Planells <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> To: ns-users@ISI.EDU
> Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2006 13:28:47 +0100
> Subject: [ns] Fwd: Problem with installation of NS 2.28
> Dear all,
> I've just installed NS 2.28 in Mandrake 10 and when I've just finished
> installing this version, this is what I've received:
> (1) You MUST put /home/daplaji/Desktop/PFC/ns-allinone-2.28/otcl-1.9
> ,/home/daplaji/Desktop/PFC/ns-allinone-2.28/lib,
>     into your LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.
>   If it complains about X libraries, add path to your X libraries into
>   If you are using csh, you can set it like: setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH
> <paths>
>   If you are using sh, you can set it like:  export
> (2) You MUST put /home/daplaji/Desktop/PFC/ns-allinone-2.28
> /tcl8.4.5/library
>     into your TCL_LIBRARY environmental variable. Otherwise ns/nam will
> complain during startup.
> (3) [OPTIONAL] To save disk space, you can now delete directories
> tcl8.4.5and
> tk8.4.5.
>     They are now installed under /home/daplaji/Desktop/PFC/ns-
> allinone-2.28
> /{bin,include,lib}
> After these steps, you can now run the ns validation suite with cd ns-2.28
> ;
> ./validate
> For trouble shooting, please first read ns problems page
> http://www.isi.edu/nsnam/ns/ns-problems.html.
> Also search the ns mailing list archive
> for related posts.
> And as I'm a beginner with Linux and with NS2, I don't know what path is
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.
> I don't konw where to put those files because I'm a beginner.
> Could you help me?
> Thanks in advance!!!

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