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I am very happy to find that ZigBee MAC (with a narrowband physical layer) is 
implemented in ns-2.28. But there is no code that deals with an UWB physical 
layer. In my research I want to use IEEE 802.15.4a channel model based on Ultra 
Wide Band (UWB). This is where things become messy; the interference model in 
ns-2 of ZigBee is not adapted for a wideband channel. It is written for a 
narrowband channel with the assumption that only one nodes transmit at the same 
time. This what I want to change. Basically, I want to craete a code that does 
the following: (1) take into account the fact that you can have several 
transmission at the same time and (2) offer several rates.
Now taking into account the fact that several packet can be on the channel at 
the same time, when a packet is received at a destination, the BER is 
calculated (to be precise, packet error rate is calculated given PPM modulation 
and a channel code and the BER function table) and then a coin is tossed in 
order to accept or reject the packet.
ZigBee PHY layer is defined in (p802_15_4phy.{h, cc}) while the MAC layer is 
defined in (p802_15_4mac.{h, cc}). I found that I should make changes to the 
(p802_15_4phy.{h, cc}) files to calculate the BER, check if the packet is 
properly received and if yes, give it to the MAC layer.

Do you agree with what is said above? If Yes, Which functions should I modify 
to do so? Or do you have some code that is available to the public?

I appreciate your help in advance. 

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