The point here is that you want to execute your local apps *through* your
not independently *within* the program. In general, the command to execute
external program through an NS-2 script is to use the exec command followed
the program name and any parameters that it may need.

However, your case is a bit more complicated since you would like to have
node to behave *through* your program (making connections, sending traffic
to other
nodes, receiving traffic from other nodes, etc). However, I think that if
you want
to customize NS, you would have to tamper with the C++ files and
re-configure, re-make

An intermediate solution would be to *exec* your programs through NS and
the (any) results through files (text or not), *or,* use C++ coding to
modify the node behaviour
through external calls to your programs (I suppose you have the source
code), *or* if your programs
were written in a C-style language, to "insert" them in the node
configuration - programming files.

I am afraid that (as far as I know) there is not a straightforward way to do
this kind of thing you want.


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> I read Marcs tuturial now, and I still do not understand how you have a
> virtual node run a local program.  Every single time I see them running an
> NS2 simulation, it is always using some TCP or UDP setup... I have my own
> programs that will create their own sockets and generate their own
> traffic.  What I am using NS for is to simulate latency and such.
> > Hi George,
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> > I recommend that you take the time to work your way through Marc's
> > tutorial. I belive you will understand a lot of these subjects that you
> > are asking about if you do.
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