That error message is generated by 802.11.
See mac/ for 


Marco Fiore

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>Data: 4-mar-2006 6.23 AM
>A: <ns-users@ISI.EDU>
>Ogg: [ns] &quot;Check_pktCTRL: Invalid MAC Control subtype&quot;.
>I have written a routing algorithm (modification of AODV). 
when i run the 
>program, i get the error as
>"Check_pktCTRL: Invalid 
MAC Control subtype".
>Where could be the possible location of the 
error?. I checked the packet 
>formats of send routines, they are fine.
>I actually included the Hello packets . It gave me an error as 
>When i removed the hello packets, i get the 
error as "Check_pktCTRL".
>If the error is with regards to the packet 
format, then whats the correct 
>format? i have used the same one as in 
>Can someone please help me.

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