If I got it right, what you are trying to do is to
perform a per-packet 
distributed queue
managament between two nodes which are
not directly 
I think there could be a way to do that in ns-2
(you could use 
the getNodeById() function to
obtain access to the node, and then look 
its queue - do not remember the way, but
there is one).
in my opinion, this would definitely
be unfeasible in a real network, 
simulation somehow useless...


Marco Fiore

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>Data: 12-apr-2006 
11.10 AM
>A: <ns-users@ISI.EDU>
>Ogg: Re: [ns] Set address to ns node
>Hello all
>        I have a topology like this
>             /                             \
n1/                                 \n4______Dst
\_______________ /
>                                           n3
>>From the src the packets are send both to n2 and n3 in a 
>manner. My problem is for every iteration n4 should 
receive one packet
>either from n2 or n3 depending on minimum packet 
sequence number. For e.g.
>if n2 has packet 2 at the head of the queue 
and n3 has packet 1 at the head
>of its queue. n4 should receive packet 
from n3. How can i do that comparing
>two queues in different links and 
dequeing that packet to n4.

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