As far as I understood, you are trying to generate a simulation setup
for a wired-wireless scenario where the AP is a gateway to the wired
domain. Please take a look at Marc Greis' tutorial, chapter 10. Base
station (described in detail in that chapter) provides the connection of
the wireless domain to the wired domain (that may be what you have meant
by 'connection to exterior'). 

You may define a mobile node as an AP as stated in the thread you
mentioned. But this won't enable the node to be a gateway to the wired
domain. When the AP is defined, all WLAN traffic, whether it is destined
to another wireless node or not, will traverse the AP as the first hop.

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I've installed and used NS-2 to test a protocol in ad hoc network.
However, there're also AP (Access Points) in this network to provide
connection to exterior. The problem is that I don't know how to
simulate an AP. I tried to search on the web and the only example is
at but
I don't understand the reply in that thread. Taking a look at
~ns/tcl/lib/ns-mobilenode.tcl I found nothing to make a MN become an
AP (from line 55: Node/MobileNode instproc init args).

Might anyone tell me, or give me a link, how to make a MN become an AP ?

Thanks in advance.


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