cbr traces are parsed in two places, process_cbr and process_mcast_cbr
It should be in the following format.
if($LINE =~ / ------- \[(\d*):(\d*) (\d+):(\d+) (\d+) (\d+)\]
\[(\d+)\] (\d+) (\d+)/o)
What you have written below is identical to this

On 5/8/06, pooja Vyavahare <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> hi,
> Sorry to disturb u so many times but as i hav to
> submit my report wihin 2-3 days so i m in hurry.
> after making the changes in mcast_totals.pl still the
> error
> CBR Logging error
> is coming. I think instead of the line which u told
> one has to change the other line ie.
> if($LINE =~ /------- \[(\d+):(\d+) (\d+) :(\d+)\d+ \d+
> \] \[d+\] (\d+) (\d+)/o) {
> i think one has to change this line.
> Actually after making he previous changes the result
> is showing some cbr packets but they r very few
> compared to odmrp packets and its not showing even any
> cbr transmitted (t.cbr_tx) packets also.
> thanks in advance for ur help
> hoping to get reply soon...
> with regards,
> Pooja
> IIT Delhi
> India
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