I want to manipulate the deque time of certain packets.

I tried changing the value of 'tmp' in scheduleWFQ(), which is equivalent to 
'Next(t) - t' in "GPS Approach to flow...:single node case"  Parekh e 
Gallager, where Next(t) represents the real time of the next departure.

However, changing tmp only seems to change the time at which 
WFQHandler::handle is invoked, but not the time QueueHandler::handle is 
invoked. And this results in WFQ::deque() still being called at the original 
time (i.e. not considering my altered 'tmp' value).

So far I haven't been able to figure out how the QueueHandler::handle 
scheduled time is determined. I think this is what I need to change in order 
to change the time which WFQ::deque is invoked & a packet is dequeued.

I've consulted the NS manual & mailing list archives but haven't been able 
to find the answer so far. I'd greatly appreciate if anyone can give a 
pointer as to how to change the scheduled time for WFQ::deque.

BTW I'm using wfq-1.2.2.

Many thanks!

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