Enzo Memmolo schrieb:
> hello everybody,
> when I compile ns2 source code I find the follow error:
> dsr/dsragent.cc: In member function ‘void 
> DSRAgent::handleFlowForwarding(SRPacket&, int)’:
> dsr/dsragent.cc:828: error: ‘XmitFlowFailureCallback’ was not declared in 
> this scope
It is unclear to me which version of the code and compiler you are 
using. But it looks very similar to an error that I encountered with the 
CVS version and the latest gcc version. You should look into the file if 
you can find the missing function. In my case it was declared at the end 
of the file without a forward declaration. If so, you just need to move 
it to the beginning of the file or add an forward declaration for the 
function at the beginning.


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