hi everyone

In past message I read that in order to debug I need to do:
look for the line :

# Build Tcl8.3.2  (should be around line 173)

In this section you need to add the option --enable-symbols to the line :
./configure --enable-gcc --disable-shared --prefix=$CUR_PATH || ....

so it becomes:
./configure --enable-gcc --enable-symbols --disable-shared
--prefix=$CUR_PATH || ....

Now, still in the ns-allinone/install file, look for the tclcl section.

# Build tclcl  (should be around line 260)

in this section, you need to add --enable-debug to your configure line, such

./configure ||  ...


./configure --enable-debug || ...

ok, we're done with this one. save and close.

now, go into your ns-allinone/ns directory, and open your Makefile.in. Search
for CFLAGS (should be around line 90), and change it from




 I did this steps but now my scripts don´t work, what Happend
I use Ns-2-29. I read the section in the ns manual for debug but is not
If some one know a good guide, and could send me it. I aprecite the help.

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