Hi Guys ,

   I am doing a project on wireless sensor networks. I want to develop
a application (Say vehicle

tracking which is discussed in directed diffusion paper) . For this I
study several API's , but

could not progress at all.  I have gone thru mailing lists but couldnt
find any useful information

                   I need help in the following areas...

1) how to define new attributes  (say for verhicle tracking)

 2) Is there any application similar to this , give me the link or source code..

3) With existing applications in diffusion available in ns-2.29 , Can
we implement some

simple applications just by changing attributes .

                  Any one who have did this type of project , Plz give
me the source code for

analyzing ... or give the links containing the details for
implementing a simple application

            Very Very Very Urgent... Any kind of help , much appreciated

Thanking u,
L.Murali krishna

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