I have added two virtual functions in agent.h and app.h which i use in a new
UDP agent and UDP application that i have created.

I have added the function
     - virtual void recv_msg(int nbytes, int id, double sendtime) in app.h
     - virtual void sendmsg(int nbytes, int pkt_id, double sendtime) in

When i try to compile ns2.29 i do the following:
1) make clean
2) make depend
3) make

During the make at the end i get several error saying "Undefined reference
to: "

Undefined reference to Application::recv_msg(int, int, double)
Undefined reference to Agent::sendmsg(int, int, double)

What i am doing wrong here?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Nicholas Loulloudes

Postgraduate at Communication Networks and Software.

BSc in Computer Science.

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