I am simulating a wireless network with nodes arranged in a line


There is a FTP connection from the first node to the last node. The distance 
between the nodes is 200m, as per Pt_ parameter the range is 250m. The 
simulation runs flawlessly but the results are bizarre. The throughput first 
increses with the increasing TCP window size, and then drops. The drop goes 
beneath the thoroughput for window size 1. This is absurd as throughout for the 
TCP window size of 1 should be the lower bound.

I am binding the window size by maxcwnd_ parameter, is that correct? Is cwnd_ 
parameter in terms of number packets? Why is cwnd_ parameter a double?

This how I bind the parameter:

set tcp [new Agent/TCP/Newreno]
$tcp set class_ 2
$tcp set packetSize_ 1024
$tcp set maxcwnd_ 5

System parameters: RedHat FC4 (kernel 2.6), ns-2.28

Please help

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