Dear Shafiq,

  I found recv() function there. When I disable collision() method by 
capturing in both cases, a few packets still be dropped. So I try 
"uptarget_->recv(p, (Handler*) 0); " only and delete others.  The recv() 
function is like follows:

void Mac802_11::recv(Packet *p, Handler *h)
        struct hdr_cmn *hdr = HDR_CMN(p);
                if(hdr->direction() == hdr_cmn::DOWN) {
                   send(p, h);
                uptarget_->recv(p, (Handler*) 0);

  It seems no packet is dropped now.
  Please tell me if it causes serious errors.

  Thanks very much for your kind help!

Best Regards,

dandan liu
>From: "Shafiq Hashmi" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>To: "dandan liu" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, <ns-users@ISI.EDU>
>Subject: Re: [ns] how to turn off collision effect in ns-2.28
>Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2006 01:10:37 -0400
>In ns-2.28/mac folder, look for the mac layer protocol file that you might 
>be using. For example, mac-802_11.c. Go to the 'recv' function. In this 
>case will be  "Mac802_11::recv(Packet *p, Handler *h)".
>You can find the if-else condition to go to collision() method. You can 
>disable over there, by capturing in both the cases.
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>To: <ns-users@ISI.EDU>
>Sent: Tuesday, July 25, 2006 10:57 PM
>Subject: [ns] how to turn off collision effect in ns-2.28
>>Hi, everbody,
>>  I'm a new user. I am trying to do simulation that has idealized network
>>environment, which means no packet drop due to collision in MAC layer. But 
>>have no idea on how to turn off the collision effect in ns-2.28. Could you
>>please give me some information?
>>  Thanks very much for your kind help!
>>Best Regards,
>>dandan liu
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