Dear NS users 

Is it somehow possible to have two different mobility models in the same 

I have been looking on a few trace file generators and a number of research 
articles, and I have been unable to find any of them, which used two different 
kind of mobility in the same simulation.

I am studying security in mobile ad hoc networks, and I would like to model an 
attacker/adversary, which selects a certain "good" node based on some kind of 
traffic analysis and then follows this node. The "good" nodes would have to 
follow e.g. a group mobility model or just Random Waypoint, and the movement of 
the attacker should be some function of the received signals. So far I have 
only seen attackers/adversaries, which moved in the same way as the "good" 
nodes or were stationary.

I would like to use ns-2 for it, but if it is not possible and you know it can 
be done in some other simulator, please let me know! 

Any tips would be most welcome, since at the moment I am about to give up the 
idea, because it does not seem to be possible.

Thank you very much for your help,


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