Well you have to do what the message says. Clearly, your X11 Header 
Files are missing. You will have to pick up your FC5 CD/DVD, and install 
the Header Files. If you run the Package Installer or Update Manager, 
you will have to go into the Development / Library section of packages, 
find X11 related packages / headers and install them. Once the headers 
are installed, the installation should (hopefully) run smoothly  !!

Good Luck !!

Prashant Batra

jaime venzala wrote:
> I working with fedora core5 and i tried to install ns-allinone-2.29.3.
> Everythings was ok untill otcl-1.11 was installing and i saw the next
> messages:
> "checking for X11 header files
> can't find X includes
> otcl-1.11 configuration failed! Exiting ..."
> Is there any solution?

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