Hi all,

I am using ns 2.29.

I have used add-interface to add additional interface on a mobile node
(say sn_(0)) (code below).

Also there are other nodes (node_(0)) with single interface on channel
2. When I initiate a cbr traffic between the node_(0) and sn_(0), I
get an error "Scheduler: Event UID not valid!".

Modiying scheduler.cc I know that the event with uid_ 144 caused it.
How do I get whats happening in that event or who scheduled it? I have
recently installed Pedro's ns debugging tool. Any pointers would be

PS: the code works fine with single interface nodes

---- Nodes with 2 interfaces (2 channels same mac and phy )
$ns_ node-config -adhocRouting $opt(adhocRouting) \
                 -llType $opt(ll) \
                 -macType $opt(mac) \
                 -ifqType $opt(ifq) \
                 -ifqLen $opt(ifqlen) \
                 -antType $opt(ant) \
                 -propType $opt(prop) \
                 -phyType $opt(netif) \
                 -topoInstance $topo \
                 -channel $chan_1_ \
                 -wiredRouting OFF \
                 -agentTrace ON \
                 -routerTrace ON \
                 -macTrace ON

set pmodel1 [new $opt(prop)]
for {set j 0} {$j < $num_sn} {incr j} {
    set sn_($j) [ $ns_ node ]
    $sn_($j) random-motion 0
    $sn_($j) add-interface $chan_2_ $pmodel1 $opt(ll) $opt(mac)
$opt(ifq) $opt(ifqlen) $opt(netif) $opt(ant) $topo "" "" ""
---- end

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