In order to enable tcl debugging and debugging of the ns executable with an
external debugger (GDB, DDD, etc), you have to specify it differently during
configure stage of your ns-compilation.

They are different things.

So, in order to enable tcl-debuging you have to add to the configure line
the following:

./configure <other parameters> --with-tcl-debug

and that's it! According to you mail, you entered --with-tcldebug, which is
not the correct parameter (syntactically) and it probably hit a
ignore-erroneous-parameter error
which you did not see.

Also, in order to enable ns debugging (to debug the executables you create
with C, not the tcl scripts)
you again have to ADD to the configure line the following command, which is
independent from the tcl-enable
debugging command:

./configure <other parameters> --with-tcl-debug --enable-debug

The path to the tcl-debug directories, you do not have to specify them.

I have compiled ns-2.29 on Debian with both debugging options enabled and
they all
work fine.

Hope that I have helped you.

Kind Regards,


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> From: Sandeep <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> To: ns-users@ISI.EDU
> Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2006 13:06:05 +0530
> Subject: [ns] how to enable debugging
> Hello all,
> I have installed tcl-debug 2.0 along with ns-2.27. while configuring
> ns-2.27 I have given the option --enable-debug and also gave path to
> tcl-debug library with --with-tcldebug- as specified in ns manual, then
> I compiled and installed ns.
> In a sample tcl script which I named as 'wireless.tcl', the first
> statement I put is debug 1, but as soon  as that statement  is executed,
> the following warning is coming and I am unable to debug.
> $ns wireless.tcl
> warning: Script debugging disabled.  Reconfigure with --with-tcldebug,
> and recompile.
> But I have already done whatever is specified in the warning, still
> warning is coming.
> Please somebody help  me how to enable debugging. Thanks in advance.
> regards
> Sandeep.
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