This is to announce the posting of the following releases:
- ns-2.30
- nam-1.12
- otcl-1.12
- tclcl-1.18
and a corresponding ns-allinone-2.30 package.

Downloads are available at the Sourceforge project pages:

md5sums are located in the release notes on Sourceforge.

Aside from updates to the build process to support newer platforms, the 
following have been added to ns-2 since ns-2.29:
- new DelayBox and PackMimeHTTP modules contributed by Michele Weigle
- updates to the SCTP, XCP, and TFRC implementations
- miscellaneous bugfixes
A full change log is available at:

If people encounter problems with these releases, please post 
suggestions to the ns-developers mailing list, or file a bug report:

For troubleshooting or workaround tips, please consult (and contribute 
to) the following wiki page:

The changes made to release the software will be merged back into the 
main branch.

Thanks to Iyappan Ramachandran for helping to put these releases 
together, and to Michele Weigle, Francesco Gringoli, and Cesar Marcondes 
for testing the release candidates.  We hope to move to a more regular 
release schedule in the coming months.


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