Hi every body

i want to implement QoS in wireless ad hoc networks.
i want to use cbq queue for prioriizing the packets.
first question is can i use CBQ  for wirless networks, i have used it for wired 
if YES, then should i change the value of interface queue to 

set val(ifq) Queue/CBQ/WRR

but problem is for cbq we have to make CBQLINK between two nodes and install 
priority classess. but  as i know in wireles ad hoc network
nodes move freely, should i make explicit link between one node to all nodes 
and then install classes in each link.
second question:  can i use x graph for wireless networks? (i guess, YES)
third question: is anybody know tcl commands about how to get access to 
channel, i mean for csma/ca.

your help will be greatly appriciated.

hoping to get quick response.



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