hi here is the output screen

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:~/ns-allinone-2.29/ns-2.29> ns odmrelated/scripts/run.tcl -x 
1200 -y 800 -nn 100 -stop 900 -tr odmrelated/TRACES/out1.tr -mg 
odmrelated/comm_scenarios/cbr_100_4x64_1x1x10_mcast_ns_rs -sc 
odmrelated/move/scen-1200x800-100-0-1-1 -rp odmrp
num_nodes is set 100
UniAgent: net_id is 0
UniAgent: net_id is 1
UniAgent: net_id is 2
UniAgent: net_id is 3
UniAgent: net_id is 4
UniAgent: net_id is 5
UniAgent: net_id is 6
UniAgent: net_id is 7
UniAgent: net_id is 8
UniAgent: net_id is 97
UniAgent: net_id is 98
UniAgent: net_id is 99
*** NOTE: no power scaling scenario specified.
*** NOTE: no connection pattern specified.
Loading scenario file...
Load complete...
Loading multicast info file...
using backward compatible Agent/CBR; use Application/Traffic/CBR instead
Now i am in cbr file
Loading multicast info file... done.
*** NOTE: no interference scenario specified
Starting Simulation...
channel.cc:sendUp - Calc highestAntennaZ_ and distCST_
highestAntennaZ_ = 1.5,  distCST_ = 550.0
ODMRPAgent: join-group succeeded for group 32769
using backward compatible Agent/CBR; use Application/Traffic/CBR instead

Simulation is running only 25 sec. only on node has joined the group. No errors 

What do you think? Is this because of short RAM, i am using 256 MB. Please your 
adivce is appreciable.

Thanks in advance..


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