Ive adapt the extension in (hyacinth for NS-2.29):
  and it works successful.
  but i still have other questions about the extesion.
  in simple.tcl you can see:
  set chan_1_ [new $val(chan)]
set chan_11_ [new $val(chan)]
set chan_6_ [new $val(chan)]
  $ns_ node-config -channel $chan_6_ \
    -channelincome  $chan_11_\
    -channeloutcome $chan_1_ 
  1. what is the useage of -channel ?
  2. is channelincome   is used for sending apaket and channeloutcome for 
receiving the ACK?
  at 802.11b we have in europe 11 Channel.
  3. how can i control in wich channel i send a paket and in wich channel i 
receive the ACK?
  thank in advice

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