> Hi all,
> We want to use ns-2 for RAP. We see that a newer ns-2 version already has
> rap folder inside. Do new versions provide RAP already ?
> Or we will use source codes provided by Reza, then we must use old version
> of ns-2. (ns-allinone.2.1b3) That is not installed correctly which gives
> tcl
> file' s compiling errors like tclcl-mappings.h... ( ns-2.30 installs
> correctly, and we installed many times up to now ). Is there any short
> answer ?

yes - use an old linux distribution, that has the old gcc compiler

"PS: on a related note, this idea also works backwards; If you are trying to
compile old code for old versions of NS (NS-1b6 and friends), You'll get a
much better chance if you use earlier versions of GCC, like gcc-2.95."

Pedro Vale Estrela

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