Hi everyone,

I  have successfully install and running LEACH on ns2.27.

However, I've noticed that at the end of simulation, in the file leach.out, the
total energy dissipated in the systems is more that the total initial energy
of all nodes. Does anyone has the similar problems that I have?

For instance, I've run LEACh simulation for 100 nodes with 2J energy each
initially. At the end of simulation, what I've got is:

At 561.30000000005907:
  Total Energy = 383.59827246392308
  Total Data = 55934
  Total Alive = 4

>From what I know, the total energy dissipated cannot exceed 200J which is
the total energy available in the network (2J/node x 100 = 200J)

I've try to print out the total energy remaining and surprisingly, the value
is negative.
I would be very grateful if anyone that has the explanation to this problem
could reply my email.
Many thanks.


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