Hello All

What can be the fix if the following is the error with cygwin environment
and Ns-2.29?

checking for tk.h... -I/usr/include
checking for libtk8.4... -L/usr/lib -ltk84
checking for tk.tcl... /usr/share/tk8.4
checking for otcl.h... no
checking for libotcl1.11... no
configure: error: otcl is required but could not be completely found.
Please correct the problem by telling configure where otcl is
using the argument --with-otcl=/path/to/package,
or the package is not required, disable it with --with-otcl=no.

It would be great if someone can help me with this.Thanks in advance.

Shaili Desai
Master's Candidate
Telecommunications and Management
University of Maryland,College Park,USA

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