Hi to all,

I am trying to implemt a single node with two interfaces of different
technologies: Bluetooth and WiFi. I am a new comer to NS2 and I am finding
itquite overwhelming so does anyone have an idea on how I should tackle the
problem of multile interfaces given that I use available modules for Bluetooth
and WiFi?

Also!! Does anyone know about UCBT (an available Bluetooth module) it doesn't
have any kind of documentation) so I would appreciate any help I can get on how
to use it and any documentation that you have available for it.
On the other hand, what about BlueHoc, it runs on ns2.1b7a an old version of
Ns2, but could be run on a recent version such as ns2.28 or 2,29 or 2.30, has
anyone tried that before?? Did you face any problems??

Thank you for your help!!!! I really appreciate it and need it!!

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