paolalonetti wrote:
> maybe it's not a problem of NS, but it's a problem of your version of
> Linux.
> Try it:
> - modify your installation including the packets X.

If you mean by that I should install the missing X headers: Of course, I
did that.

I'm not blaming NS for not finding dependent software non-existing on my
machine -- that'd be too much of a demand. :-)

The fault IMHO is that although the X11 headers are installed on my
machine ns-2 won't find them but claim there're not installed.

I've looked at a bunch of configure scripts and Makefiles but none seemed
to include the path mentioned in the subject line. Since Debian and
Debian-based distros represent a rather big share of the Linux market,
I'll file this as a bug unless someone else can hint me at some possible
mistake of mine.


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