Hello everybody!
  I'm using ns2 for my thesis. I have a simple network with only 2 nodes.I have 
to send an array of 100 elements from node 1 to node 2. From the array of 100 
elements, I take 20 elements putting them in another smaller array and I send 
it. The node 2 receives the array with 20 elements and embeds them in a bigger 
array of 100 elements (I use a counter that shifts of 20 positions each time). 
When this bigger array (of 100 elements) is full, I print it on the screen. So, 
I need 5 times to send all the 100 elements, 20 each time. The problem is: 
where can I initialize the counter of the array of 100 elements, in which I put 
20 elements each time that I receive them?? I've tried to initialize it in the 
.h file (I've created a .cc and a .h file); but when I compile ns2 it gives me 
an error: C++ does not initialize this counter in the .h file. So, I've tried 
to initialize it in the .cc file in command, but I think that the counter is 
initialized at each cicle because no value of
 the array is printed on the screen. So, where can I initialize it?
  Thank you so much in advance!

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