(sorry, for the people who have already received my e-mail)
  hi NS-users,
  i'm a debutant in NS and i'm searching for a version(or model) which 
supports 802.11e ...
  in fact, i've already found one "ns-2-snapshot-20050907-14.2" that 
i'm trying to install and i get an error each time i try to configure it.
  i've installed:
   tcl, tk, otcl,tclcl, and gsl
  but the error i get is: 
  "configure: error: Installation of gsl seems incomplete or can't be 
found automatically.
Please correct the problem by telling configure where gsl is
using the argument --with-gsl=/path/to/package
(perhaps after installing it),
or the package is not required, disable it with --with-gsl=no."
  i'm typing the whole configure command with all the paths
  "./configure --with-tcl=./tcl8.4.11 --with-tk=./tk8.4.11 
--with-otcl=./otcl-1.11 --with-tclcl=./tclcl-1.17 --with-gsl=./gsl-1.5"
  and i still got the same error!!
  i would really appreciate if someone can help me...
  thanks in advance

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