I want to simulate a mobile ad-hoc network using the ns-2.
Well I have some questions, that I didn't find in the internet...

First, how can I use the scen-gen. Only the help of this tool don't say too
much things... I don't know how must I use the files that I made with this
tool. Where could I find some examples of the using of this tool, specialy
in mobile wireless networks?

Second, how can I use a mobility model in a simulation? I didn't find any
example of this... Where must I put the source (*.c) of the mobility model
and where must I call it?

Third, how can I install a new protocol in the ns-2. I want to install OLSR
for example. I have the source of this protocol. What must I do to take it
working in the ns-2?

Thanks in advance for any help,

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