Hello everybody,                            I*  *am working on wireless
sensor networks and am presently studying the directed diffusion
protocol.while running the
"*ns-2.26/tcl/ex/diffusion/simple-diffusion.tcl*" file, it is giving
the following error regarding the use of the channel

num_nodes is set 3

warning: Please use -channel as shown in tcl/ex/wireless-mitf.tcl

can't read "chan": no such variable

while executing

"$node add-interface $chan $propInstance_ $llType_ $macType_ $ifqType_
$ifqlen_ $phyType_ $antType_ $inerrProc_ $outerrProc_ $FECProc_"

(procedure "_o3" line 70)

(Simulator create-wireless-node line 70)

invoked from within

"_o3 create-wireless-node 0"

("eval" body line 1)

invoked from within

"eval $self create-wireless-node $args"

(procedure "_o3" line 14)

(Simulator node line 14)

invoked from within

"$ns_ node $i"

("for" body line 2)

invoked from within

"for {set i 0} {$i < $opt(nn) } {incr i} {

set node_($i) [$ns_ node $i]

$node_($i) color black

$node_($i) random-motion 0 ;# disable random ..."

(file "simple-diffusion.tcl" line 10

please help.



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