Dear All,

I have executed TORA successfully and made all the requisite 
changes to enable it  work correctly  and to get rid of 
Agent/PROTO problem.
But When i execute my tcl script, there seems to be indeterminate 
delay ingetting the output.When i examine the trace file created 
by tora.tcl script,the simulation gets struck at 2.3 seconds and 
not able to movebeyond.The exact output that appears in the 
terminal is

num_nodes is set 6
using backward compatible Agent/CBR; use Application/Traffic/CBR 
Start of simulation.. - Calc highestAntennaZ_ and distCST_
highestAntennaZ_ = 1.5,  distCST_ = 550.0

It gets struck at this point and there is no progress beyond 

It would immensely help me if anyone is able to correct this 
problem.I'm using ns2.31 in Windows XP

I have enclosed my tora.tcl script below.

please help me.... plzzzz.....

Thank You,
With Regards,

# Define options
  set val(chan)         Channel/WirelessChannel  ;# channel type
  set val(prop)         Propagation/TwoRayGround ;# 
radio-propagation model
  set val(ant)          Antenna/OmniAntenna      ;# Antenna type
  set val(ll)           LL                       ;# Link layer 
  set val(ifq)          Queue/DropTail/PriQueue  ;# Interface 
queue type
  set val(ifqlen)       50                       ;# max packet in 
  set val(netif)        Phy/WirelessPhy          ;# network 
interface type
  set val(mac)          Mac/802_11               ;# MAC type
  set val(nn)           6                        ;# number of 
  set val(rp)           TORA                     ;# routing 
  set val(x)            800
  set val(y)            800

set ns [new Simulator]
#ns-random 0

set f [open w]
$ns trace-all $f
set namtrace [open 1_out.nam w]
$ns namtrace-all-wireless $namtrace $val(x) $val(y)
set f0 [open w]
set f1 [open w]
set f2 [open w]
set f3 [open w]

set topo [new Topography]
$topo load_flatgrid 800 800

create-god $val(nn)

set chan_1 [new $val(chan)]
set chan_2 [new $val(chan)]
set chan_3 [new $val(chan)]
set chan_4 [new $val(chan)]
set chan_5 [new $val(chan)]
set chan_6 [new $val(chan)]


$ns node-config  -adhocRouting $val(rp) \
           -llType $val(ll) \
                  -macType $val(mac) \
                  -ifqType $val(ifq) \
                  -ifqLen $val(ifqlen) \
                  -antType $val(ant) \
                  -propType $val(prop) \
                  -phyType $val(netif) \
                  #-channelType $val(chan) \
                  -topoInstance $topo \
                  -agentTrace OFF \
                  -routerTrace ON \
                  -macTrace ON \
                  -movementTrace OFF \
                  -channel $chan_1  # \
                  #-channel $chan_2   \
                  #-channel $chan_3   \
                  #-channel $chan_4   \
                  #-channel $chan_5   \
                  #-channel $chan_6

proc finish {} {
     global ns f f0 f1 f2 f3 namtrace
     $ns flush-trace
         close $namtrace
     close $f0
         close $f1
      close $f2
         close $f3
        # exec xgraph
         exec nam -r 5m 1_out.nam &
     exit 0

proc record {} {
   global sink0 sink1 sink2 sink3 sink4 sink5 f0 f1 f2 f3
    #Get An Instance Of The Simulator
    set ns [Simulator instance]

    #Set The Time After Which The Procedure Should Be Called 
    set time 0.05
    #How Many Bytes Have Been Received By The Traffic Sinks?
    set bw0 [$sink5 set npkts_]
    set bw1 [$sink5 set nlost_]
    #set bw2 [$sink2 set npkts_]
    #set bw3 [$sink3 set npkts_]

    #Get The Current Time
    set now [$ns now]

    #Save Data To The Files
    puts $f0 "$now [expr $bw0]"
    puts $f1 "$now [expr $bw1]"
    #puts $f2 "$now [expr $bw2]"
    #puts $f3 "$now [expr $bw3]"

    #Re-Schedule The Procedure
    $ns at [expr $now+$time] "record"

# define color index
$ns color 0 blue
$ns color 1 red
$ns color 2 chocolate
$ns color 3 red
$ns color 4 brown
$ns color 5 tan
$ns color 6 gold
$ns color 7 black

set n(0) [$ns node]
#$ns at 0.0 "$n(0) color red"
$n(0) color "0"
$n(0) shape "circle"
set n(1) [$ns node]
$n(1) color "blue"
$n(1) shape "circle"
set n(2) [$ns node]
$n(2) color "tan"
$n(2) shape "circle"
set n(3) [$ns node]
$n(3) color "red"
$n(3) shape "circle"
set n(4) [$ns node]
$n(4) color "tan"
$n(4) shape "circle"
set n(5) [$ns node]
$n(5) color "red"
$n(5) shape "circle"

for {set i 0} {$i < $val(nn)} {incr i} {
     $ns initial_node_pos $n($i) 30+i*100

$n(0) set X_ 0.0
$n(0) set Y_ 0.0
$n(0) set Z_ 0.0

$n(1) set X_ 0.0
$n(1) set Y_ 0.0
$n(1) set Z_ 0.0

$n(2) set X_ 0.0
$n(2) set Y_ 0.0
$n(2) set Z_ 0.0

$n(3) set X_ 0.0
$n(3) set Y_ 0.0
$n(3) set Z_ 0.0

$n(4) set X_ 0.0
$n(4) set Y_ 0.0
$n(4) set Z_ 0.0

$n(5) set X_ 0.0
$n(5) set Y_ 0.0
$n(5) set Z_ 0.0

$ns at 0.0 "$n(0) setdest 100.0 100.0 3000.0"
$ns at 0.0 "$n(1) setdest 200.0 200.0 3000.0"
$ns at 0.0 "$n(2) setdest 300.0 200.0 3000.0"
$ns at 0.0 "$n(3) setdest 400.0 300.0 3000.0"
$ns at 0.0 "$n(4) setdest 500.0 300.0 3000.0"
$ns at 0.0 "$n(5) setdest 600.0 400.0 3000.0"

$ns at 2.0 "$n(5) setdest 100.0 400.0 500.0"
#$ns at 1.5 "$n(3) setdest 450.0 150.0 500.0"


set sink0 [new Agent/LossMonitor]
set sink1 [new Agent/LossMonitor]
set sink2 [new Agent/LossMonitor]
set sink3 [new Agent/LossMonitor]
set sink4 [new Agent/LossMonitor]
set sink5 [new Agent/LossMonitor]
$ns attach-agent $n(0) $sink0
$ns attach-agent $n(1) $sink1
$ns attach-agent $n(2) $sink2
$ns attach-agent $n(3) $sink3
$ns attach-agent $n(4) $sink4
$ns attach-agent $n(5) $sink5

#$ns attach-agent $sink2 $sink3
set tcp0 [new Agent/TCP]
$ns attach-agent $n(0) $tcp0
set tcp1 [new Agent/TCP]
$ns attach-agent $n(1) $tcp1
set tcp2 [new Agent/TCP]
$ns attach-agent $n(2) $tcp2
set tcp3 [new Agent/TCP]
$ns attach-agent $n(3) $tcp3
set tcp4 [new Agent/TCP]
$ns attach-agent $n(4) $tcp4
set tcp5 [new Agent/TCP]
$ns attach-agent $n(5) $tcp5

proc attach-CBR-traffic { node sink size interval } {
    #Get an instance of the simulator
    set ns [Simulator instance]
    #Create a CBR  agent and attach it to the node
    set cbr [new Agent/CBR]
    $ns attach-agent $node $cbr
    $cbr set packetSize_ $size
    $cbr set interval_ $interval

    #Attach CBR source to sink;
    $ns connect $cbr $sink
    return $cbr

set cbr0 [attach-CBR-traffic $n(0) $sink5 1000 .015]
#set cbr1 [attach-CBR-traffic $n(1) $sink2 1000 .015]
#set cbr2 [attach-CBR-traffic $n(2) $sink3 1000 .015]
#set cbr3 [attach-CBR-traffic $n(3) $sink0 1000 .015]
#set cbr4 [attach-CBR-traffic $n(4) $sink3 1000 .015]
#set cbr5 [attach-CBR-traffic $n(5) $sink0 1000 .015]

$ns at 0.0 "record"
#$ns at 0.5 "$cbr0 start"
#$ns at 0.5 "$cbr2 start"
#$ns at 2.0 "$cbr0 stop"
#$ns at 2.0 "$cbr2 stop"
$ns at 1.0 "$cbr0 start"
#$ns at 4.0 "$cbr3 stop"

$ns at 10.0 "finish"

puts "Start of simulation.."
$ns run

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