I need to connect agents dynamically for my purpose, so i have changed the
agent.cc code as suggested by the comments in it.

/* This function is a placeholder in case applications want to dynamically
*  connect to agents (presently, must be done at configuration time).
void Agent::connect(nsaddr_t dst)

         dst_ = dst;


Then i get the following compilation error:

common/agent.cc: In member function ‘virtual void
common/agent.cc:393: error: no match for ‘operator=’ in
‘((Agent*)this)->Agent::dst_ = dst’
./config.h:80: note: candidates are: ns_addr_t& ns_addr_t::operator=(const
make: *** [common/agent.o] Error 1

Kindly tell me where i am going wrong. I have searched the ns-users list
and someone had posted a similar question in Jan 2001, and there is no
reply to that querry.

What i need to do is the following:  Use a single agent to send packets to
multiple agents sitting on diff nodes. I need the freedom to choose the
destination agent in my agent C++ code depending upon the case.

So one way of doing this would to dynamically connect the agents in the
c++ code using the function (connect((nsaddr_t)atoi("_o480")); where _0480
is the value returned by ns for "$my-dst-agent"

Or i could create n(n-1) agents for connecting each of the node pairs (n
nodes). I would prefer to use the first method. Kindly tell me if my
thinking is wrong somewhere.

Thank you for your patient reading

Yours Sincerely,
OVS Bharadwaj

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