The transmission power of Pt_=0.01 W, works if i reduce the thresholds from
        Phy/WirelessPhy set RXThresh_ 630e-15
        Phy/WirelessPhy set CSThresh_ 630e-15
to, for example:
        Phy/WirelessPhy set RXThresh_ 1e-15
        Phy/WirelessPhy set CSThresh_ 1e-15

 My question is, there must be another variable that i'm forgetting,
because for 0.01 W, the received power should be 7.2e-10 >> 6.30e-13,
I mean 7.2e-10/6.30e-13=1142 W/W, or 30.6 dB. I would like to know
where is that 30.6 dB implemented.
        Thanks for your attention, kindly Tiago Junqueira

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