Hello Daniel,

Thank you, but you didnt say why the solution of simulating a complete
node failure wouldn't work.
I understand that shutting down links is not an option since links don't
exist like i supposed but shouldn't i be able to shut down a node in
wireless like i do in wired scenarios figures?


>> I am a new ns user i am trying to simulate a wireless topology using
>> as a routing protocol. I need to simulate a link failure for a short
>> period of time to study the reactions of OLSR to the failure
> In a wireless scenario you do not have links, so you cannot shut them
> down. One option is to simply move a node out of the transmission range
> of another. This may become difficult for a large number of nodes. You
> could also extend the node to implement something like a MAC filter so
> that a node simply ignores messages from individual sources. But im not
> aware of any such solution currently existing. You could also modify the
> propagation model to create very specific transmission failures, e.g.
> drop all packets from a specific node (node failure).
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