hi all, 
  I am doing my thesis(which involves comparing the adhoc routing
 techniques AODV, DSDV, DSR and the DREAM algorithm in ns-allinone-2.28). 
  I made all of the necessary changes in cmu trace.cc, packet.h, cmu
 trace.h, ns packet.tcl, make file, and the add dream folder in which
 dream.cc, dream.h are contained. The make process was successful (created
 dream.o in the dream folder). 
  However, when I run the simulation script it gives the following
 error: "wrong routing agent." How do I make changes in the config..., and
 routing agent files?
   I am running out of time and I need to submit my thesis soon. It
 would be greatly appreciated if anybody could tell me the changes I need
 to make to get the DREAM algorithm to implement in ns-allinone-2.28.
  Thanks in advance, 

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