I have written some .cc and .h files in a folder GPW. 
In the same folder I have written  gpw.tcl file. In makefile.vc 
and Makefile of higher directory I have included GPW folder in INCLUDES
list. And I have included  .o files at the end of OBJ_STL list.

I am typing make to compile. It is compiling. Then When I type
The command ns gpw.tcl, in the output I am not getting the changes that
have been made. Even if I remove all .cc, .h, .o files( all files except
gpw.tcl) in GPW  folder and type ns gpw.tcl, I am getting the same
output. The changes that I have made are not getting reflected.

            what is the normal way to compile .cc files that .tcl file
requires and run  the .tcl files? How shall we make necessary changes in



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