I need some help distinguishing cases when NS is thinking about TCP 
segments vs. when it's thinking about IP packets, since it seems to me 
that they're used almost interchangeably.

In particular:

1) Is packetSize_ in TPC agents the IP packet size or TCP segement size?

2) When using a command like "$ns queue-limit $n0 $n1 100", is the queue 
limit expressed as the number of TCP segments or IP packets? Does the 
distinction even make sense in this case?

3) When simulating web traffic (such as in tcl/ex/web-traffic.tcl) using 
a command like "$pool create-session 1 $numPage 0.2 $interPage $pageSize 
$interObj $objSize" is objSize in TCP segments or IP packets? Again, is 
the distinction meaningful here?


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